Pursuing Your Passions In A Money-Minded World

Your job is demanding, your finances are low, the rent needs to be paid off, and you are in dire mental strain through it all. If someone asks you whether you have any time for hobbies, you would probably laugh or get significantly irritated at the audacity of the question.

When was the last time you did something that you truly enjoyed? No, that doesn’t mean a holiday by the beach, but an actual activity you are passionate about. Maybe you used to draw beautiful portraits when you were younger, or maybe you wrote heart-wrenching poetry. Maybe you could map out all the constellations in the night sky by memory, and maybe you created intricate clay pottery. Where did all these talents and skills go? Were they unlearned after some time? Did your brain forget about them?

Of course it hasn’t. It longs to go back to its true passion each time you pass a bookstore and see the latest collection of children’s stories in the shop window. A published author; that was your goal. So why are you sitting behind a desk today, crunching numbers and not looking twice at anything beyond the daily newspaper?

“Life” as we know it has fooled us. It has derived us of our passions and creativity and presented our cookie-cutter form for mass employment to the world. Us humans ourselves created this world; but why?

George Herbert in his poem of the same name, said it best; “Money, thou bane of blisse, & source of wo…”.

Indeed, it is what can be called a “necessary evil”. However, why have we allowed it to overtake our lives?

It is time to change the order of things. Buy those leotards for sale from Australia and pick up you dancing shoes. You were given a gift so you can share it with the world, not keep it locked up inside.

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More and younger minds today are now defying the odds and pursuing their dreams; their real dreams and not the ones tied to the largest possible salary.

It is time the system itself changed to accommodate these individuals. Dance takes as many years to perfect as it does the study of law. So why must there be a discrepancy in how well each part is paid? The discouragement to pursue one’s dreams comes with the fact that it is just not a sustainable career choice in terms of survival. Change the world, defy the odds; be the best you can be at what you do best.